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Virtual Servers | VPS Hosting

Instantly deployed VPS Servers available in 20+ locations world wide built for demanding applications fully expandable at anytime.

Geekbench Cores Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Speed Locations OS Price
1 CPU 1 GB 25 GB SSD 1 TB 1gbps 16 €14.95 /mo Deploy
1 CPU 2 GB 50 GB SSD 2 TB 1gbps 16 €19.95 /mo Deploy
2 CPU 4 GB 80 GB SSD 3 TB 1gbps 16 €29.95 /mo Deploy
3 CPU 8 GB 160 GB SSD 4 TB 1gbps 16 €49.95 /mo Deploy
4 CPU 16 GB 320 GB SSD 8 TB 1gbps 16 €79.95 /mo Deploy
8 CPU 32 GB 512 GB SSD 16 TB 1gbps 16 €99.95 /mo Deploy

Comes standard

24/7 Help & Support

Our team are here 24/7 to assist you with your VPS Hosting needs via tickets and live chat.

Super Fast & Reliable

All VPS Server instances are deployed within minutes and are monitored every 15 seconds.

Easy to Use

Super easy to use your VPS Server, start, stop, snapshot, backup, reinstall with the click of a button.

High Performance

Latest generation Intel processors running at 4ghz+ and no overloading ensure maximum performance.

SEC-LAYER Protected

DDOS protection at standard to make sure your VPS Hosting stays online during any size of attack.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 72 hour no quibble money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Advanced Notifications

Get notified by Email and SMS if something isn't right with your VPS Hosting.

Full Unrestricted Access

Full "root" or "adminsitrator" access to all of our VPS Server at standard.


Deploy globally and experience the same great performance and protection.

Asburn, VA vps hosting
Asburn, VA
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Buffalo, NY vps hosting
Buffalo, NY
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Chicago, IL vps hosting
Chicago, IL
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Dallas, TX vps hosting
Dallas, TX
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Kansas, MO vps hosting
Kansas, MO
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Los Angeles, CA vps hosting
Los Angeles, CA
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Miami, FL vps hosting
Miami, FL
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Montreal, CA vps hosting
Montreal, CA
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New Jersey, PA vps hosting
New Jersey, PA
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New York, NY vps hosting
New York, NY
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San Jose, CA vps hosting
San Jose, CA
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Seattle, CA vps hosting
Seattle, CA
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St Louis, MO vps hosting
St Louis, MO
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Vancouver, BC vps hosting
Vancouver, BC
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Amsterdam, NL vps hosting
Amsterdam, NL
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Frankfurt, DE vps hosting
Frankfurt, DE
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Gravelines, FR vps hosting
Gravelines, FR
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Hamburg, DE vps hosting
Hamburg, DE
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London, UK vps hosting
London, UK
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Madrid, ES vps hosting
Madrid, ES
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Manchester, UK vps hosting
Manchester, UK
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Paris, FR vps hosting
Paris, FR
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Prague, CZ vps hosting
Prague, CZ
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Strasbroug, FR vps hosting
Strasbroug, FR
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Warsaw, PL vps hosting
Warsaw, PL
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Hong Kong, CN vps hosting
Hong Kong, CN
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Melbourne, AU vps hosting
Melbourne, AU
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Moscow, RU vps hosting
Moscow, RU
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Rio de Janerio, BR vps hosting
Rio de Janerio, BR
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Saint Petersburg, RU vps hosting
Saint Petersburg, RU
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Sao Paolo, BR vps hosting
Sao Paolo, BR
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Singapore, SG vps hosting
Singapore, SG
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Sydney, AU vps hosting
Sydney, AU
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Operating System Choices

Prefer a certain operating system for your VPS Hosting? We have you covered!


Deploy a VPS Hosting in minutes with over 50+ operating systems.

SEC-LAYER DDoS Protection for Virtual Servers | VPS Hosting

With over 600Gbps protection you can be assured your Virtual Servers | VPS Hosting wont be affected by a DDoS attack and best of all it's FREE at ViLAYER.


DDoS Protection

Instantly mitigates malicious attacks

All attacks are dealt with in seconds

Only clean traffic is sent to the server

All normal traffic can reach the server

Completely transparent to regular traffic

Nobody will know you've been attacked

Included free of charge with any server

Every service is protected free of charge

Every IP protected from DDoS attacks

Every ip address is protected free of charge

In-house filtering for no added latency

No latency and instant detection of attacks

Stay online throughout attacks

Never go offline regardless of attack

Multi point protection

Stop the attack in the source country

Peak protection always increasing

Constantly increasing protection in all locations.

Protection from small and large attacks

All attacks are dangerous and mitiaged